Leading the Nicotine Vape Revolution

Delota Corp. (CSE:NIC) is building the largest multi-channel nicotine vape company across Canada. Delota spearheads the smoke-free revolution, catering to adult consumers seeking alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco. With a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional retail experiences and carefully curated product offerings, the Company is dedicated to redefining the way people transition away from smoking.

The Company’s flagship brand, 180 Smoke Vape Store, stands as Ontario’s largest specialty omnichannel vape retailer, fueling innovation, growth, and leadership in the retail vape space.

180 Smoke Vape Store

Flagship Vape Retailer

Delota’s flagship brand, 180 Smoke Vape Store, has solidified its reputation as a trusted destination for vape enthusiasts for over a decade. Boasting 29 brick-and-mortar retail locations across Ontario and a thriving Canada-wide e-commerce platform, it has firmly established a prominent presence within the Canadian vape market. The brand proudly serves over 220,000 loyalty members across its platforms.

180 Smoke is committed to delivering an unparalleled retail experience fueled by an education-focused sales approach that ensures exceptional customer service at every interaction. Meticulously designed store layouts, a curated selection of top-notch brands and products, and strategic partnerships with renowned manufacturers further enhance the brand’s unique and elevated shopping experience, firmly positioning 180 Smoke as the leading go-to vape destination.

Additionally, 180 Smoke is a licensed Canadian vape manufacturer with an ISO 7 standard manufacturing facility at its head office. The Company has developed a robust portfolio of nicotine e-liquid brands, primarily sold through its branded stores and e-commerce platform. Private label brands provide the Company with a competitive advantage and a core differentiator in its product assortment, which increases customer engagement and loyalty. These products further enhance 180 Smoke’s gross margins.

Key Pillars – The Vape Ecosystem


21 corporately-owned brick-and-mortar stores in Ontario and a Canada-wide e-commerce platform

  • Consistent and elevated omnichannel experience and carefully curated product mix
  • Direct access to consumers and ability to educate, advertise, and promote in an age restricted environment


Authorized supplier to 8 franchisee locations and a small-scale overstock wholesale division

  • Provide the Company with higher purchasing power and ability to achieve greater economies of scale


Merchandising and marketing investments from Big Tobacco and other key brands

  • Serve as an experiential hub and conversion center for key national brands
  • Enhance profitability through data deals and sponsored marketing activations

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