Leading the Nicotine Vape Revolution

Delota Corp. (CSE:NIC) is at the forefront of Canada’s smoke-free movement, offering groundbreaking alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco. Catering specifically to adult consumers, our aim is to redefine the way individuals transition away from smoking by providing convenient access, an unparalleled retail experience and a carefully curated range of products.

Our flagship brand, 180 Smoke Vape Store, is Ontario’s largest specialty nicotine vape omnichannel retailer. 180 Smoke exemplifies our dedication to innovation, growth, and leadership in the retail nicotine vape domain. In addition, the Company’s retail portfolio also includes Offside Cannabis.

Investor Highlights

  • Untapped Market Potential
    $2 billion market by 2025 in Canada alone; Delota outpaced industry growth by 22.3%.
  • Strong Recurring Revenue
    $34MM in revenue for the 12 months ended January 31, 2024 with 40% gross margin, positive Adj. EBITDA
  • Diversified Revenue Split
    Nicotine Vape: B2C (64.3%), B2B (18.6%), Partnership (4.7%); Cannabis: B2C (12.4%)
  • Strategic Nicotine Expansion Plans Across Canada
    29 brick-and-mortar stores in Ontario and a Canada-wide e-commerce platform.
    (Target: Adding 2-3 net new stores per quarter)
  • Strong Customer Base with Monetization Potential
    Over 220K loyalty members across all platforms.
  • Consolidation and M&A Opportunity
    Well positioned to consolidate the fragmented Canadian vape industry.
  • Undervalued, Significant Runway for Multiple Expansion
    Favourable valuation and attractive opportunity to participate. Current valuation is 0.15x run rate revenue.

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Company Snapshot

Shares Outstanding: 29.0MM

Fully Diluted: 50.9MM

Market Cap: 4.5MM
(as of February 21, 2024)


Annual Revenue: $25.9MM
(year ended January 31, 2023)


Run Rate Revenue: $31.9MM
(3 months ended October 31, 2023, annualized)

Total Debt: $1.7MM

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